Acts 13 Christian Ministries is dedicated to fulfilling the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to spread the Gospel among the unsaved, and strengthen the church-at-large through the proclamation of much-needed, yet often neglected, truths and revelations of the Word of God.

This ministry has been born as a result of much prayer and travail before the Lord, and through many years of commitment by the ministry’s founder, Fred Saleh, to steadfastly seek and teach the whole counsel of God without compromise.

Unfortunately, the twentieth century church has, over the years, severely compromised its understanding and application of the whole counsel of God in preparing the saints for a truly victorious and overcoming life. Especially this is so, since the advent of commercialized and electronic Christianity. This is a critical negligence of a vital requirement that will deprive the saints from ruling in Christ’s coming kingdom.

The church-at-large has departed from preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and has fallen into the trap of preaching a very shallow salvation message of hell to heaven, calling it the Good News. Many of God’s children have been kept in darkness as to their real calling, and as to the consequences of remaining immature in their Christian walk, and life.

Acts 13 Christian Ministries has dedicated itself to reviving, and renewing, these timeless and hidden treasures of God’s Word for all those dear children of God who truly desire a deeper knowledge of the Lord Himself, and a clearer understanding of the Father’s plan and purpose for the Bride of Christ.

It is with this burden on our hearts that we have established this website as a focal point, and to provide resources, for those who have a heart to diligently seek the full counsel of God.