Audio and Video Messages

Acts13 Christian Ministries is the official repository of all of our elders’ sermon material. We want you to have the opportunity to download and hear the messages on our website while simultaneously maintaining quality control. Therefore, you may duplicate and distribute audio and video messages in CD, DVD, and MP3 formats without prior permission, as long as you follow the restrictions outlined below.

  1. You may not edit the content in any way.
  2. You may not charge for the material (even to recoup your costs).
  3. You may link to messages at the Acts13 Christian Ministries website, but you may not post them on your own website.
  4. If you copy material to a CD or DVD, please include the following information on the CD or DVD:
  • The title of the message
  • “Copyright [fill in the year of the message] by the name of the speaker. Used by permission from Acts13 Christian Ministries.”
  • 818-293-5646

5.   You may not include personal or organizational contact information on any CDs or DVDs.
6.   You may not use or reproduce the Acts13 Christian Ministries logo for any purpose.

Acts13 Christian Ministries reserves all copyright protections under applicable law. We reserve the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time.

Website Content

You are welcome to use content from our website under the following General Guidelines.

  • Offer the content for free.
  • Do not change the content.
  • Credit the content to Acts13 Christian Ministries.
  • Cite the copyright information (e.g. Copyright 2017, Acts13 Christian Ministries. All rights reserved. Used by permission.).
  • Cite the source by providing the Web address (

Posting Acts13 Christian Ministries Web Content on Your Website

  • Link to the content on the Acts13 Christian Ministries website (preferred), or,
  • Post it in accordance with the General Guidelines and include this message on every page of posted content: “This article originally appeared here at Acts13 Christian Ministries.”
  • Make the word “here” link to the specific URL where the content lives.
  • Make the words “Acts13 Christian Ministries” link to our homepage.

Distributing Acts13 Christian Ministries Web Content

Distribution in print (newsletter, bulletin, tract, etc.) or in an email is permissible, provided it’s in accordance with the General Guidelines.

Using Acts13 Christian Ministries Web Transcripts

You may use any transcript from the website in accordance with the guidelines stated above.

If you have any copyright questions regarding content that has not been mentioned on this page, please send us an email ( to request specific permission.

You may not reproduce sermon transcripts in any print format (e.g., books, magazines, newsletters, or pamphlets).