I would first like to express my gratitude to you and everyone who works or volunteers at Acts 13. I look forward to receiving mail from you. I am spirit filled reading the sermons, I have and have all of them in folder. I bring them out and utilize as a sharing opportunity when I see a fellow peer needs an uplifting in the word. I love being able to reflect back on the past topics you’ve covered over the past few years. I have been receiving mail from you since 2013. I also am grateful for the calendars you’ve sent me each year. I recycle the calendars by using the photos to make various crafts at year’s end. Being in a cell with stark white walls the photos add color and bring much needed inspiration. I appreciate your devotion in continuing to provide prison outreach. I have taken classes to learn how to be a leader in Ministry. I have learned that God has a purpose for each of us. I look forward to using my purpose each & every day. I want to share the Good News with people when I see pain, hurt, strife, and struggle on their faces. I am a teacher and a tutor. I receive a great reward when a student grasps the love, depth, and sacrifice God has made for us all.

So that is my primary reason for wanting to write to you. I wanted you to know that I’ve been your student and I’ve learned and grown so much in God’s word since you started supporting me by sending me the topical messages, sermons and further study questions. You have answered many questions I have had through your thorough, in depth, typed, works. I thank you and appreciate your leadership in directing me in the only book I need, the Bible. I always take the time to look up the scriptures you’ve referenced. Your work is so important, I hope you feel supported as well. God is good, all the time. May God bless you and the entire body (church) as I continue to keep you in my prayers.