My name is … I am a Praise & Worship Leader/Moderator. I am writing to let you know that God is working a mighty work here using you all as vessels.
I have been in this prison 23 years on the 9th of this month. I have seen many ministries come and go, but I have not seen one in a while who brings, to this place of darkness, such a beautiful, sweet, and honest spirit. This is what touches me so about your team. This is what lets me know that you are sent, and come led by the spirit/love of God.
Thank you for being willing vessels and I am praying that you continue to let your light shine in such a place as this. I get excited when I know you are coming to our church. I know that God is pleased with your good and faithful services.
Take care all you beautiful people of God. Keep doing what you are doing building the Kingdom of God.
Many Blessings,