Dear Acts 13:
I would like to thank you for the beautiful calendar I received from you for 2013. It was definitely answer to a prayer of mine.
I love when your church comes to our facility to give us worship services. You are such a huge blessing to us. I hope you know that. I wish you could come more often than once a month. Not all of the church groups can lift us up the way yours can. ? It is obvious how much you all love and praise and glory the Lord. You are passionate about your work and it brings the passion into my heart too.
Another, more selfish reason, for loving you, is the way you allow us to uplift everyone with song. I sing in the choir and your group is the only one (that I know of) that often asks us to sing more songs.
Please keep up your hard work and your perseverance in bringing the Word to us.
Thank you and God Bless You.
Your sister in Christ