My name is … and I am so very happy that the members of your church come down to us and bless us with your presence. This is my first time in prison and until I started coming to church with my friend the president of the ushers, I am able to deal with any and all this prison life has to give. Last night a lady passed away and it is kind of sad because in my past life I was depressed and wondered what if, to take all the pain away that I could leave here and not have to worry about all these trials and tribulations that life has to offer and just as fast as I could think negative Jesus came in my life as a wonderful friend letting me know how much he loves me and how great of a person that I am to have His unconditional love and grace, and every time the members of your church come here I am thankful for my visit to prison at this time in my life.
So thank you and please don’t stop coming.