With great appreciation, I would like to thank you for what you are doing for my spiritual life.
I am truly thankful to God and to you because you have helped me to trust more in God. Brethren, I really wish that you would never stop sending these books, as they help me in my spiritual and Christian walk.
I would like to ask you, if you could, to send me a study Bible. I have a great desire to own such a Bible because some brothers who have such a Bible have told me that it helps them a lot to better understand the Bible. Well, if it is not much of a problem for you, and if it is available, please send me one. I am a new Christian – I need spiritual help – please do not stop helping me and I ask you with all my heart, if you would possibly send me a study Bible. I would be very grateful. May the Lord give you more as you are helping out other new brethren. I will give you the address. May the Lord bless you all and your ministry. Amen. Farewell!

Again from the same brother

Well brothers, let’s see if you can read my handwriting for it is bad. Thank you very much for the help that you are offering me and sending me the literature. Please do not forget to send them to these new addresses because I share them with other brothers and it has helped them a lot too. Amen. Now I would like to say goodbye. May the Lord protect you and bless the work that you are doing through the mail, as many brothers are now walking more firmly with God. Your brother says goodbye to you, the one who also blesses you all in the name of Jesus Christ. May you continue being a blessing to others as you have done until now.
May the Lord bless you and make you strong. I finish my letter. Your brother ….
May the Lord bless your entire family.